Family in Russia

My entire family is from Russia, meaning that the majority of us live there. Most of my family in Russia has been overseas a couple of times but has never perminently stayed out of Russia.

Elena Kiriakova

This is my grandmother on my father's side. She is a hard working woman that is very level headed and always willing to help. She's very kind. Here's some information about her.

Age: 71
Place of birth: village of Razdolnoye, Amur region, Russia.
Now lives in: Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, Russia.
Thoughts on Blagoveshchensk/interesting facts: We like it and are used to it.
Family in New Zealand: My son, My daughter in law and my two granddaughters.
Childhood/earliest memories: I remember that I lived in a village with my whole family. We were very happy there.
Religion: No relion.
Hobbies: Since I'm now a pensioner, my hobbies consist of going on walks in the fresh air and relaxing.
Finds out news from: TV
Interesting fact about her: I'm hard working. That's about it.
Memories of grandparents: I did not have any grandmothers. I had one grandfather who was very strict, but we rarely saw him. He lived very far away from us. I don't remember much about him.
Knowledge of ancestry: My parents never talked about our ancestry because it was never something they were instrested in. All I know is that all of us worked very hard.

Mikhail Kiriakov

This is my Grandfather on my father's side. He's a very jolly man who puts a lot of effort into working hard and helping others. Here's some information on him.

Age: 76
Place of birth (+ a bit of background): Born in a village in the second world war in 1942. I spent my entire childhood there, gratuating from a local college and working in construction.
Now lives in: I live in retirement in a city that stands at the confluence of the two rivers Amur and Zeya on the boarder of china (Blagoveshchensk).
Thoughts on Blagoveshchensk/interesting facts: The city is developing. A bridge over the Amur river conecting to the chinese city of Hei-He is currently under construction. They also laid the construction of a cableway to China.
Family in New Zealand: My son, My daughter in law and my two granddaughters.
Childhood/ earliest memories: I remember a kerosene lamp that was hanging on the wall. I accidentally hit it with my head and it fell into a bucket of honey. When my parents found out, they were so mad that they made me eat some of that ruined honey. I think I was 5 years old. (note from the creator of the website: back then honey was very precious and people spent a lot of time gathering it in time for winter. Since it was one of the only things a lower class family could eat, it's understandable why my great grandparents thought this was the only way to punish him.)
Religion: no religion.
Hobbies: Since I'm now a pensioner, my hobbies consist of going on walks in the fresh air and relaxing.
Finds out news from: The media, The internet, TV.
Interesting fact about him: Nothing really to say. You can say I'm hardworking.
Memories of grandparents: My grandfather was a cossack before the revolution and after that he worked on a collective farm. My grandmother was always engaged in looking after the children and doing housework.
Knowledge of ancestry: Our ancestry was never spoken of, so I wouldn't know much. From what I know, the richer ones were writers and the poor worked (construction, gardening etc.). That's all I know.

Nina Kiriakova

This is my aunt from my father's side. She's very nice and welcoming to be around. Here's some infformation about her.

Age: 49
Place of birth: Blagoveshchensk, Russia.
Now lives in: Blagoveshchensk, Russia.
Thoughts on Blagoveshchensk/ interesting facts; I love it here. This place is were I spent practically my whole life.
Family in New Zealand: My younger brother, my sister in law and my two nieces.
Childhood/ earliest memories: I have the warmest memories of that time. My childhood passed in the same city (Blagoveshchensk). The area where we lived in was called the "match" because there was a match factory. All the neighbors were friends and helped each other.
Religion: I'm not really a believer, but I like to go to church sometimes.

Finds out news from: Television and the internet.
Insteresting fact about her: No comment.
Memories of grandparents: My grandparents taught me a lot. Evey summer we rested in the village with my mother's parents. My grandmothers taught me needlework (sewing, knitting etc.).
Knowledge of ancestry: I know my parents and their parents (my grndparents). They all had working professions, so I presume our ancestors did too. That's all my pedigree.