Family in New Zealand

There are currently only four of us in New Zealand. Me, my older sister, my mother and my father. We came here almost 4 years ago because we had enjoyed it here on our prior visit (we came here once 8 years ago).

Luidmila Kiriakova

This is my mother. She was the one that made the decision to move to New Zealand. Along wit that, she's kind of the leader of the family. She's the type of person to just at the chance to take constrol of a situation. Here's some information about her.

Age: 48
Place of birth: Novosibirsk, Russia
Reason for moving to New Zealand: For the safety and education of my children.
Came to New Zealand in: (first time) 2011, (second time) 2016.
Family in New Zealand: Husband and two daughters.
Childhood memories:

Religion: It's quite hard to explain. I think that there is something out there but I'm not sure what exactly. Hobbies: