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This is the basic family tree. Obviously, there are more people in the family (such as cousins in Germany and other parts of Russia) but I can't write about them without knowing them personally. Along with that, there are people I didn't get to ask (i.e. my father and grandparents on my mothers side) due to a strict time crunch. My family is actually Kiriakov/Kiriakova and Shevstov/Shevtsova but, due to not being able to get ahold of family members from that side, I focused on the Kiriakovs/Kiriakovas.

Younger me and my oldest sister, Marsha/ Maria.

My aunt, my cousin and my grandparents (father's side).

My niece, Vika/ Victoria.

Younger my with my grandmother (father's side).

Me, my mom and my sister Vika/ Victoria.